Things You Should Watch: Louie Edition

Tonight is the Season Two premiere of Louie on FX. The first season is some of the finest that TV has to offer right now. That’s largely because Louis C.K. is given full control over the show.  The show examines different parts of life through the comedic eyes of Louis. Shows everything from going to the doctor to traveling to simply just getting old. The show doesn’t push as many buttons as his standup, but the show knows when it’s too far, and makes sure to go further. Louis would hate me calling the show hilarious, but that’s really what it is. The Season Two premiere is tonight at 10pm on FX.

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2 Responses to Things You Should Watch: Louie Edition

  1. James Bolden says:

    In this article, he was referred to as Lewis, Louis, and Louie. O.o

    • Yeah, the Lewis Incident came from having no copywriter, and me being lazy. Fixed it, thanks. Now, as for Louis, well that’s his name. And Louie is the name of the show, nothing more and nothing less.

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