Reader Request – ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’

I quite enjoy the first RESIDENT EVIL film. As an adaptation it somewhat fails, but as its own thing, it’s a decent enough horror film. Somewhere along the lines in-between RESIDENT EVIL and RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE it was decided that the film needed more action. So the sequel would focus more on action than horror, and suffered for it. The second film is a mess. It was the start of taking different things from the video game series, and throwing them together. The action was dull and lifeless. The third film, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION was only slightly, and I mean slightly, better if only because it had crows. Lots of evil crows. When I sent out a request for reviews, I knew I’d get something terrible. I just didn’t think I’d get something this bad so early.RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is about a group of survivors years after the zombie apocalypse trying to escape to a safe location while eventually trying to stop the big bad guy. Or something like that. Five minutes after I watched the film, I forgot most of what happened.

For what has become nothing but an action franchise, the film is slow. For reference, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, a film that I almost hate, is much faster paced than this dead on arrival travesty of a film. And not only that, but when the action comes, it’s not exciting, at all. There’s a sequence about a hour into the film with this thing called the Executioner who carries around an axe, cause, ya know, all undead can just be hulking monstrosities with no explanation. The scene is stretched out to three minutes (let me explain) by slow motion. The scene would probably be closer to just a minute in real-time, and none of it is enjoyable. That’s largely due to just being Action Scene #203 from 2010. There’s no danger present ever in that scene. And nothing in it is new or exciting.

That could almost sum up the entire problem with the film. Everything in it feels old, and dead.

Then there’s the pacing. Way too much time is spent at a prison. And before that, too much time is spent even getting to the prison. Even worse than that is the film exists. To be serious, there’s few too action scenes that are loosely strung together by scenes that “progress” the “plot”

And the acting. Oh my, the acting in this film is just bad. There’s no other word really. It’s simply bad. The big bad guy in the film, Wesker, is never, ever, threatening. I guarantee that if he were met in real life, you’d laugh at him more than anything else. He’s not even so bad, it’s good. The same goes for Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield. If I’d never seen anything else he’s done, I’d never try and see anything else from his career. He’s supposed to be a tough military guy, but never feels like he’s someone of power. Every time he talks, it sounds like if you threw a kitten at him, he’d scream and run away.

The film is a complete disaster that I can only see fans of the franchise somehow enjoying. This film’s not even a disaster, it just shouldn’t exist. I didn’t even complain about all that needs to be complained about, such as, plot holes, bad dialogue, or even how the film looks worse than most Saturday night Sci-fi channel movies. I almost regret asking readers for review requests. I saw this for free on YouTube via Crackle and I’m still mad I saw it. I hate this movie.

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