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(Really) Short Story – “Wet Birthday”

Last December, in my Brit Lit class, I had an assignment to write a short story that didn’t go over one page in Microsoft Word. This 264 word story is the result of that. Sure I’m bias, but I still … Continue reading

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Book Review – ‘Marvin’s Book: The Story of a Professor and a Promise’

The world we live in tends to be on the cynical side and for fair reasons. It’s hard not to fall into its traps. That’s why it’s important to have reminders that things can get better. We need more optimism … Continue reading

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The 4,686 Word Goodbye, or The Time I Saw LCD Soundsystem

Now in audiobook form! There are moments in our lives when we figure out what we’re supposed to do.  It can be something large, like a larger calling, or it can be something small, like knowing exactly what to have … Continue reading

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