(Really) Short Story – “Wet Birthday”

Last December, in my Brit Lit class, I had an assignment to write a short story that didn’t go over one page in Microsoft Word. This 264 word story is the result of that. Sure I’m bias, but I still chuckle at it.

Jeff was a man who was simply enjoying his birthday. Jeff worked as an IT consultant for companies, and he had just opened up his own freelancing company earlier in the year. Business was booming more than ever. Jeff was happily married for about the same amount of time. He had met Julia just a couple of years before. Things clicked with that girl like none before.

Jeff didn’t like a lot of what Julia did. He didn’t care for cats, but Julia loved them, so he did as well. There was actually quite a lot that Jeff didn’t care for that Julia liked. He hated the comforter on the bed, but she loved it, so he did as well. He simply loved making Julia happy; it brought him joy like nothing else in the world could.

There was one thing Jeff never told Julia about. When Jeff was in the 9th grade, his mother threw a surprise birthday party. No one had paid attention in the past when surprises frightened Jess to the point of tears. That fateful day in 9th grade, as people shouted, “Surprise,” Jeff wet himself, losing all of his friends in the process. Even though he trusted and love Julia, he could never get over the embarrassment in order to tell her.

Perhaps he should have though, as little did he know that thirty or so of his closest friends were waiting in his house at the same moment he was driving home. Those friends were waiting for one moment. They were waiting to jump up and shout, “Surprise!”

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1 Response to (Really) Short Story – “Wet Birthday”

  1. Edd Writer says:

    Very descriptive. You should try to stuff in more mystery.

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